Brandon, and others... 700R4 building

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Brandon, and others... 700R4 building

Postby Twilightoptics on Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:28 am

I've gotta build a 700R4 for work. It's for a 1993 1/2 ton G20 Chevy Van. 2WD.

Boss wants to tow cars with it, loaded down with transmissions inside. We've gone through 2 used ones now (the original, and a spare we had.)

What kind of upgrade parts are needed? What's a good book on these P.O.S. trannies?

Already looking at the Transgo Kit with Vette servo stuff.

Any other weird things I need to know before taking it apart. I did a Th350 once before but I didn't tap into the valve body.

I've also got an email out to Probuilt for their advice.

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Postby blue89 on Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:44 am

By what I've read when my 4L60E went out, you upgrade the drums, bands, and clutchpacks. I'd like to learn how to build them as they are just a black box to me. Power in and power out.
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Postby izcain on Wed Aug 20, 2008 5:41 pm

There is a ton of tricks you can do with those transmissions. The vette servo works good.... The jet one works a little better since it has more apply area. Also make sure to use the kevlar band and rough up the drum a bit before install. Not a ton just a little, as this will help it grab harder. With most kits they will come with the extra steels and frictions to add a couple of extra clutch packs as well, this will also greatly help clamping power. GM also has an upgraded sun shell that you can get (if your not looking at buying the super expensive one that TCI offers) I forget the part number but it will hold up alot better the older design liked to crack and scatter. Im not sure which case you have to use but the 87 and up cases were the better cases as 86-down had some oiling issues. .500 boost valve will also help get the pressure up. I had one that I put together and relized that the only way I could shift it was by using a manual valve body since i had built so much pressure into the transmission the automatic features in the valve body would not work since the pressure would make it hold gears. having built several of them I have learned their weak points and their strong points. The planetary gear set is also another weak point in them although I have never had one fail on me.
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Postby chevymad on Wed Aug 20, 2008 7:23 pm

I actually used the 4l60E kit in my regular 700r4. Used a beast sunshell, 500 boost valve, theres another boost valve as well, used the wide band but was warned against kevlar. Also if you use the wide band make sure that the drum is completely smooth and level where the band rides. I used the vette servo. Theres also a better sprag assembly, but I think the newer 700s got that allready. You can also upgrade the apply springs, but I didnt do any of that. You want the transgo kit, or the modified one that Dana at probuilt sells. Dana actually sells a really nice rebuild kit with all the essentials for various powerlevels. His instructions are pretty clear too. Jakeshoe, who you can find on TC and TGO too I think, is also a great place for parts and advice. The ATSG service manual is a must. You'll have to build or buy a few tools. I made the compressors that were needed myself, so I figure you could too. Any questions i'll try to help.
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